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You will find below all the necessary information regarding the Monde du Bateau fishing serie.

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If you registered before April 15, you will be part of the EARLY BIRD draw for the starting postion and you will have a chance to win a nice prize.  Be there at Monde du Bateau on April 15th.



Tournament Fishing on October 27 in Cornwall

Hello, we want to invite you to the bass fishing event that will be held on OCtober 27 at Parc Lamoureux in Cornwall. The registration fees are $150 plus $20 for the lunker per team. You can register by calling Mathieu at 613-797-6847 or on place the morning of the event. We are looking forward to see you there !

2018 Tournament Schedule

This is the detailed list for all the information regarding the fishing events
Starting time is at 7:00 am and the ending time is at 4:00 pm

Qualification # 1

  • Saturday June 16, 2018
    Résevoir Poisson Blanc
    Lake Campion's boat launch

Qualification # 2

  • Saturday July 14, 2018
    Lake des 31 Miles
    Majopial Village's boat launch

Qualification # 3

  • Sunday July 15, 2018
    Lake Sainte-Marie
    Municipality's boat launch

Qualification # 4

Classique 2018

  • September 8, 2018
    Lake des 31 Miles
    Majopial Village's boat launch


  • Septembre 9, 2018
    Des Outaouais's river
    Masson's boat launch


The person who is not 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult (18 years or older)

Official tournament hours
All tournaments will start from 7:00 am and will finish at 16:00. You will be notified of any changes to tournament times in advance. The Tournament Administration Center will open at 6:00 am for registration.

You have the right to fish until midnight the day before an event. For the Classic, no pre-fish is aloud after Monday September the 3rd, 11:59 pm.

For the publicity of Monde du Bateau Fishing Serie, there may be photos taken during an event. The photos will be the property of the club and will may be posted in social media. By fishing one of our event, you agree that the photos can be published.
Payment method
The early bird registration fee for the complete series, including the classic, from the World of the Boat series is $ 950. If this amount is paid before March 15th, this will entitle you to a pre-draw of the starting positions. For those who will pay $ 950 after this date, must do so in full before June 1st. If the fees are not paid in full by this date, the team will be considered Walk-On and additional fees will be added for each event. The draw will be done at Monde du Bateau (date to be determined). See the Walk-On section for more details.

A `Walk-on` team must have fished with the same two fishermen to be eligible for the classic. They must have fished a minimum of three tournaments and will have to pay for the 4 tournaments in addition to the walk-on registration for the classic, that is to say 1200 $.

The registration fee for the walk-ons will be $ 50 more than the regular member and goes as follows: June 16 tournament ($ 225), July 14 tournament ($ 225), July 15 tournament ($ 225) ), August 11 tournament ($ 225) and the September 1-2 classic ($ 300). The amounts included the price for the biggest bass of the day.

Types of lurres
Only artificial lures, including pork rind, can be used during events.

Eligible species
The species eligible for the tournaments are largemouth bass and smallmouth bass. A maximum of 5 bass players per tournament. Only 5 bass can be in the boat at any time. Any team caught red-handed will be disqualified.

An 8 ounce penalty will be imposed for each dead fish during weighing. A dead fish is not eligible for the prize of the biggest catch. A penalty of 1 pounds per minute will be imposed for the delay, with a maximum of 5 minutes otherwise the team will be disqualified. Any team that submits a fish or fish less than 12 inches (measurements made from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail) will see these fish being disqualified for weighing and will also have to put back in the water the biggest fish in the bag at the water. If 2 fish are less than 12 inches then these two bass are released and the 2 largest of the bag.

Boat and engine
Every boat must be equipped with a working livewell. All competitors must wear an approved flotation device when the boat is propelled by the initial engine. All boats must be equipped with a contact switch that the driver must carry when the boat is in motion.

Each boat must be insured and the team must be able to provide proof of insurance upon request of the tournament's executive committee.

Boat Check
All boats must be checked by an official before each tournament. If the boat is not inspected, the team will be refused participation in the tournament. When returning to the platform after each tournament, it is the responsibility of the team to mention it to the official upon arrival. The directors of the Monde du Bateau series will be able to check participants' fishponds at any time on or off the water during an event.

Bodies of water for the events
Only waters that are navigable by boat from the tournament's administrative center can be fished during a tournament." It is strictly forbidden to leave the boat to cross an obstacle. The no respect of this regulation can result to a disqualification.

Prizes and equality
The amount of prizes awarded at each event will be determined according to the number of teams participating in the series. If there is a tie for one position, the money from the next position will be split between the teams that have equal weight for the same position.

Team of the year
The cumulative weight of fish per team for the 4 qualification events will determine the winners. Only those who will pay the series before June 1st will be eligible for the team of the year.

Each member of the team must be sporty, courteous, safe and secure. No alcoholic beverages will be tolerated during tournament hours. Competitors must comply with the provincial laws and regulations of this association.

Competitors who want to post a complaint must appear before the tournament director and a member of the executive (, Eric Fontaine and Stéphane Ranger) before weighing their fish. The witness (s) must justify that a tournament rule violation or provincial law has been committed.

Interpretation of regulations
All decisions rendered by the Steering Committee of the series are final and without recourse. The committee has the right to appoint an observer at any given time.

Distance between the boats
It is strictly forbidden to fish within 25 feet of another boat that participates in the tournament, during tournament hours under pain of being disqualified.

A "family" team, i.e. a team composed of a father, a mother, a son or a daughter who will be registered for the season may change partners (immediate family member) without penalty. This clause is intended to promote succession. Example, a dad registers with three sons. He can fish with a different son at each tournament and be eligible for the classic with one of the sons.

Substitution for a regular member: A team may replace a fisherman only once during the regular season and not for the Classic.
No minimum number of tournaments to fish for a team that paid the entire season before June 1st.

Registration and Weaver Form

Please print and fill both forms and send them to Monde du Bateau.

Registered Teams

Here is a list of teams that are resgistered for the season 2018

  1. Francis Rivest / Stéphane Ranger
  2. Claude Riopel / Maxime Riopel
  3. Robin Hébert / Richard Woodward
  4. Stéphane Martin / Maxime Letang
  5. Jason Harding / Wayne Harding
  6. Daniel Poitras / Johannie Duhaime
  7. Luc Lanoue / Guillaume Poirier
  8. Alex Lacelle / Marc-Antoine Chalifoux
  9. Daniel Ménard / Gabriel Ménard
  10. Francis Sabourin / Mathieu Gaudette
  11. Alexandre Lanthier / David Miville
  12. Martin Parent / Yves Guillerm
  13. Daniel Bisson - Claude Joubert
  14. Jacques Defoy / Hugues Defoy
  15. Maxime Périard / Frédéric Généreux
  16. Peter Lever / Jordan Lever
  17. Éric Morin / Patrick Dompierre
  18. Yves Sarrazin / Ronald Mineault
  19. Éric Fontaine / Jean Fontaine
  20. Christian Gervais / Michel Mercier
  21. Maxime Derouin / Louis St-Denis
  22. André Durant / Robert Miville
  23. Robert Labonté / Glen Evans
  24. Raphael Émond/ Pascal Rainville
  25. Martin Bastien / Mathieu Turpin
  26. Étienne Bloie/ Olivier Lalonde

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